product presentation

How about presenting your product worlds to customers digitally? A virtual showroom is open around the clock and invites customers to find out about your company.






individuell Zusammensetzung

All v-room functions can be put together individually

  • Interactive virtual Brandworld
  • Service helpdesk with chat, video, quick call and appointments
  • Integrated online store with product information
  • 360° product presentation by employees with live "gimbal camera"
  • Customized CI accessories and graphic designs
  • Digital product placement and promotional videos
  • Integration features like TestDrive @home bookings

Visualize your store, car showroom, real estate, gallery and any other place you want

Design everything according to your wishes and extend this customer experience with links to your online store, helpdesk, live product views and many more features. In addition, the link to the showroom can be shared with (potential) customers in mailings or newsletters and spread via social media.
Shop Visualisierung
Live Produktpräsentation

A unique virtual journey with live product presentation

All existing v-world features have been combined and extended by another visual 360° component. Thanks to a newly implemented state-of-the-art technology, everything is interactive and customized for you. With live-chat, video features, quick call and appointment function. Book a customer appointment with 360° product presentation directly and experience live HD quality thanks to the "gimbal camera“.

Unique features on an international level

The 360° product presentations excited me the most. Never before have I been able to shop so individually and interactively at the same time.

With this function, we no longer have to stand in line in Corona times. This means that my customers are always in direct live contact with our employees.

Just great! Our sales have increased even in the face of the global crisis! Our virtual helpdesk is now equipped with a chat and video function, which can be used 24/7.

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