Follow Up with
can be so simple

Use the Follow Up functions and get important marketing insights.

With all V-World products you receive reports on registrations and participants with email addresses, time of registration, country and participation status.

Use the automated follow up features to send thank you emails with surveys, rating system and info to registrants and attendees and share the link to your webinar recording.

E-mail Marketing

Feedback, comments and feedback can now be tracked more easily and are scalable thanks to our email templates.

SMS Reminder

With the integrated SMS reminder function, your customers feel perfectly cared for. A few minutes before the appointment, the customer receives an automated reminder via SMS with an included cancellation button in case the appointment cannot be attended. Making an appointment has never been so easy and uncomplicated.

Define target groups

Simply send follow up emails to selected customers or to the entire customer base with all participating contacts.

Survey function

Getting feedback has never been easier. Write a survey to get direct feedback or use the classical star rating function.

Marketing Insights

Our tools process all important customer data, clearly arranged as statistics. Therefore you get detailed reports and insights about your customers.

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